About Me

Hi, I’m Sel.

On this blog you’ll find plant-based recipes, my favorite products, and tips for how to find your way in the carnivorous world we live in.

I live in South Florida, and I’ve been a Vegan for two years, before that I was a Pescatarian for one year.  I decided to go Vegan for health reasons, my hormones had gone crazy and according to my doctors, my body thought I was pregnant.  This all happened after I had three birth control injections, back in the year 2000.  The doctors offered me lots of different pills and shots to help get my hormones back in check, but they all seem to have a million side effects. Then one day a light bulb went off in my head and I realized that in order to get my hormones back in check I needed to eliminate all animal products from my diet.

I did a lot of research (I love doing research, something I learned to do AFTER having those birth control injections, way back when…) and found out that animals are given outrageous amounts of hormones so that they grow faster, and that the majority of the antibiotics in this country (USA) are being given to the animals we eat; it was eye-opening! I had to make a change and I’ve had nothing but great results.  I lost 30 pounds in the first 3 months, and my period became regular, the menstrual cramps went away and my skin has never looked better.

I feel like a new person and since I loved the changes that were happening, I wanted to share them with anyone that was interested in hearing it.  So I decided that in order to make sure that I was giving good advice, I needed to know my stuff.  I am a Certified Plant-Based Chef and Instructor, I’ve learned to prepare the most delicious plant-based meals. As part of my certification I also learned how to teach others to make the same changes I’ve made, and learned all about the ways going plant-based can help cure many illnesses.

Before I sign off, (thank you, by the way, if you’re still reading, as you can see, I love to share) I want to thank my dear friend Kenia, for opening my eyes to the possibility of not eating meat.  She was the first vegetarian friend I had that did not make weird faces when I would consume meat, and she wouldn’t tell me all kinds of gross facts about the meat I was consuming.  She led by example and I appreciate her for showing me that letting go of meat was possible, and starting me on this journey that has changed my life! I love you amiga!

Now that you have learned a lot about how I got here, please go, explore this blog, I hope that the things I share here can help you choose to start consuming an all plant-based diet, or to add more plant-based meals to your cooking repertoire.